Consulting & Solutions
Exchange Platforms
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Institutional Broking
  To know more about our expertise in the FIX, DMA, IOB and Algorithmic domain,
Private / Wealth Banking
CapStrat is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions offering wealth management services to validate its offerings to the market place and execute
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Risk Management
CapStrat Consulting aims to provide the entire continuum of services from boardroom through shop floor for the financial services Industry.
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Pre Delinquency Framework
Pyramid is a predictive analytics solution which enables pre-delinquency management through a state-of-the-art business rule engine and
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Proteus Liquidity Risk Management
Liquidity is at the core of the functioning of an efficient financial markets organization and macro-structure in the post sub-prime marketplace of today. Liquidity risk is the current and prospective risk to earnings or
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Value Enrichment For Clients
One of the largest Indian retail brokerages
One of the largest global investment bank
One of the largest global banks
One of largest securities markets service providers