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Technology and Product Practice l Strategy & Product Practice  
This practice focuses on the core strategy and product aspects and perspectives of the business framework at financial services institutions. It undertakes an assessment/revalidation of their strategic business assumptions and respective long-term business models.

The scope of the strategy exercise covers, inter alia, understanding the business scope of the Business Groups in terms of -

Ratification of Business Vision
Retail customer engagement strategy
Key client segment specific business plans
Wealth management solutions for PMS and Enterprise
Institutional business foray
IPOS/Mutual Funds/Insurance and Distribution products
Margin funding products
Esoteric products – Arbitrage, Program/Strategy trading and other esoteric derivative desks
Newer business dimensions – Business acquisition strategies, Private equity, Client acquisition, Tie ups/strategic alliances, Upstream broking/Trading, Evolving markets.
CapStrat leverages its rich and value added experience in the banking and financial services space offers IT and IT related services for the entire banking ecosystem right from commercial banking to investment banking.

CapStrat prides itself in being responsive to our customers’ need and in providing clients with optimum functional and technological solution to meet their specific requirements in their individual organizational and business contexts and frameworks. We ensure to undertake an intensive and in-depth study of customers requirements while collaborating with our key banking & institutional customers to develop customized operating and commercial models suitable for their unique requirements. We have in place a robust quality framework which adds value to our customer engagements through the application of well-established and structured methodologies, tools and techniques. Our distinctive ability to blend technology, industry and process domains differentiates us from our customers and is one of the hallmarks of our delivery capability.
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