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The Exchange Markets have witnessed unprecedented changes both structurally and in the way transactions happen over the last two decades. With complex instruments being traded in a global marketplace comprising of stocks, indices, commodities, debt, currency, amongst others, the interplay has forced stock exchanges to constantly upgrade/enhance their platforms to bring it in line with global best.

Technology is the single most dominant factor deciding the fate of markets and its acceptance in the global trading map route. With response times crunching to less than 1 ms and orders and trades happening in their thousands concurrently, and retail participation growing dominantly, the challenge is to provide for a stock market that can accommodate.

Varied participant types – Retail, Institutional, Specialists, Wealth players, Math players in all sizes and shapes
Varied instruments – Equities, Commodities, energy, power, indices, futures, options, call auctions, currency, debt and other instruments
Capacities – To accommodate a 24*7 trading market place, multiple settlements, varied risk and compliance regulations across geographies, complex settlement procedures and banking mechanisms.
Volumes & Sizing – Transaction matching in sub millisecond, order and trade concurrency in their thousands, millions of trade handling/day and contracting.
Technologies – Open technologies, Open Standard APIs like FIX/SWIFT, Robust Message Handling, low bandwidth, low latency transmission, near 100%uptime, failover/Disaster Recovery amongst others.
These metrics call for a mature and robust platform that can work modularly offering all the above products / services as a service provider as exchanges today can no longer afford to play a sub regulatory role. The platform should be able to manage the following aspects:
Order Management
Risk Management & Surveillance
Trade & Settlement Handling
Market Data Handling
Corporate Actions & information
Other supplementary services for member management, listed entities management, surveillance, risk, delinquency, compliance and services
CapStrat has worked in exchange solutions and markets that handle complex order processing and high volumes like that required by the global markets.
Equities, Commodities, Stock & Index Derivatives, Currency Futures and Options, Interest Rates
INR. Multi Currency capable
DVP, T+n, Futures, Options, auction based, Negotiated Deals, DMA, Algorithmic Trading,
Risk Coverage
Collateral, Financial, Market, Operational, Inter Product, Set Offs, Counterparty, Cash–Futures, Portfolio approach, Inter Market Settlements, Custodian/Non Custodian, Self Settled/Professional Clearing Member Settled risks
Mutual Funds, Debt Instruments, Bonds, IPOs, Book Building,
Buy Back of Securities and other product offerings
Order Types
Scalping, Intra Day, Delivery, Limit, Market, Stop Loss, GTC, GTD and other local order types. Partial Fill, All or none, Minimum Fill or Kill, Drip Orders, Revealed Qty amongst others
System Order, Quote, Hybrid
VaR+, SPAN+, Native Local margining methodology at
Member Level
Trader Level
Client Level
ELM, Ad Hoc, Supplementary Margin Systems as second line of defense
Risk Monitoring
Exposure Monitoring – Gross, Net, Intra Day, Position Limits, Circuit Limits, Breakers, capital adequacy, (Composite monitoring – intra day, T+n margin, MTM., ELM, Adhoc/Spl Margins and capital adequacy)
Our expertise lies in our extensive experience of having delivered Risk Systems at Stock Exchanges, Wealth Management Firms, Broking Firms requiring integrated risk management across stock exchanges/derivative exchanges for the same client across the same instrument traded.
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