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Capital Markets l Private / Wealth Banking  

CapStrat is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions offering wealth management services to validate its offerings to the market place and execute a robust end-to-end wealth platform. CapStrat has demonstrated capabilities in end to end implementation with some of the biggest retail and private wealth players in the Indian markets.

Our coverage in the Wealth Management and Private Banking space includes the following :-

Sales Force –
lead Management, Prospect Management, Customer Servicing, Contact Center Integration, Cross Sell and Upsell Capabilities, Business Intelligence

Advisor Tools –
Financial Advisory WorkStations, Order Routing Capabilities, Risk Dashboard, Product Structuring , Financial Planning and Asset Allocation, Portfolio Reporting, Analytics

Order Management –
Comprehensive Order Routing across Equities, Derivatives, Debt, Commodities, Currency, Interest Rates, IPO, Mutual Funds, Structured and Managed Products, Alternative Investments, Lending suite comprising of Margin Trading, IPO Financing, Loan Against Securities amongst others.

Risk & Collaterals –
Comprehensive coverage from a business, regulatory and risk perspective across all the product lines mentioned above. The Risk Practice that we follow not only minimizes exposure and risk but also seeks to leverage the best possible alternatives of collaterals to facilitate an investment decision. We follow a Fungible Corpus mechanism with iterative sequencing of Risk Rules to maximize business and minimize risk.

Operations –
A comprehensive integrated approach that covers backoffice integration of all products with a common Client Accounting platform that is the core of the Wealth System ensures a seamless transaction capability. We have handled complex integration projects that span multiple vendors for different components yet achieve a dynamic and agile platform for business. Our high end automation features real time collateral management and payins and payouts and corpus transfers that minimize transactional risk. Our approach of a hybrid order routing platform integrating with an online client accounting platform ensures next to none reconciliations between business and operations.

Reporting, Commissions and Payouts – From entry of a lead to payout of a Financial Advisor, the entire process is automated and functions realtime. Our mature integration framework is capable of integrating any vendor combination to achieve a faster turnaround time by leveraging inherent product strengths and moving information freely and accurately between these platforms. Customers have been able to reconcile past transactions to identify hidden and uncollected revenues due to faulty revenue recognition methods used. The Payout platform ensures the all entities in the hierarchy are able to book their revenues and see their commissions transparently in the same day. A comprehensive MIS platform mines the transaction and other parameters to give the organization a clear view of business and volumes and thus help re organize and reinvent themselves across products and geographies.
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