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Competition, market forces and technology have redefined the dynamics in the financial services industry in the last few years. The frenetic pace of change has virtually redefined the rules in the financial business. The increasing customer requirements, mounting competitive pressures, customer ownership challenges and the necessity to emerge as a full-fledged financial service provider (FSP) are the order of the day. The ingredients for success remain age old, but this new era of evolving competition, pervasive globalization, widespread digitization & shifting regulations, warrants a new approach. The new value drivers that have emerged can be clearly seen from the following.

The focus has shifted to product and service differentiation with an emphasis on improving the life time value to a customer, optimizing service standards, maximizing operational efficiencies and development of an agile and adept enterprise architecture.

CapStrat Consulting, with its’ focus on enhancing customer ownership experiences and the fundamental drivers of the business, assists financial services corporations and institutions to re-assess their strategic assumptions and identify winning business propositions. CapStrat enables the adoption of an integrated business technology approach and evolutionary strategies aligned to an organization’s business vision and partners its’ clients in building sustainable competitive advantages. Capstrat’s capabilities stream in the financial services area covers the complete business and transaction processing value chain – right from underlying financial markets, intermediation processes, transaction processing macro-structures to customer management systems.
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