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The Banking industry in the post sub-prime world has witnessed a large-scale erosion of investor confidence, market capitalization, institutional capital adequacy and public assurance of management competency and integrity. It has brought to the fore a whole new set of challenges - strategic, tactical and operational – as well as a new set of disparate risk elements which were hitherto largely unrecognized and ignored by the global financial community. The management tenets, principles, models and methodologies of the pre sub-prime world have been proved a failure because of their basic inability to deal with this new set of problems which are clearly unprecedented and exceptional posing a greater threat to the survival of institutions in the new order racked by escalating competition, peer pressure to outperform and increasing market pressures to excel while still maintaining optimum capital adequacy and efficiency. Banks clearly require new innovative solutions and answers to these extraordinary problems of today which require a whole new set of expertise and skill-sets to develop customized solutions to the individualistic problems faced by institutions today.

CapStrat has specialist capabilities across the retail, corporate and investment banking arena including the following specific areas:

KYC & customer origination
Retail Assets:
Loans & Mortgages
Credit & Debit Cards
Consumer Finance
Channels: Internet Banking
Treasury & Investment Management
Liquidity Management
Asset-liability management (ALM)
Risk management – credit risk, market risk, operational risk, economic capital
Regulatory compliance – Basel II (Pillar 1 & ICAAP), Anti-money laundering (AML), MIFID
Business Analytics
Customer relationship management
Case Studies
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